The Svastik mark in the right foot represents welfare on all those who mediate upon it.


Those who Meditate upon Ashtakon (the Octagon), would be free from all sufferings and their hearts would be overflowing with bliss. They will never be affected by Kal-the Demon of Time.


Ankush mark shows that as a big elephant is kept under control by a goad, likewise by meditating upon Ankush one controls the mind which is extremely difficult to control otherwise.


As the lotus remains undefiled in the water, the saints meditating upon the mark of Padma (Lotus) remain pure and undefiled.


The flag mark(Ketu) indicates that as the flag moves according to the wind, the devotees move according to the orders of Lord Swaminarayan.


Nishkulanandji gets overwhelmed with the meditation on Urdhvarekha (the ascendent line) in the feet of Lord Swaminarayan.


Those who have observed Vajra (the mark of thunder bolt) become fearless and they are freed from Kal and effects of Karma.


One who has once tested the benefits of meditating upon Jambufal (black berry) mark loses interest in everything else and feels that all worldly affairs are worthless.


One who sees Java (the barley grain) mark on the right foot of the Lord would never be affected by the sins, and on one's mind would remain brimful with bliss.


The fish in the water remains unsoiled, likewise devotees meditating upon the mark of fish remain unsoiled from the worldly affairs.


On the Left foot of Lord Swaminarayan there is a mark of Trikon (triangle). Those who meditate upon it get freed from all kinds of miseries: Aadhi (the internal), Vyadhi (the outward) and Upaadhi (the accidental sorrows).


The Lord is pleased with those who observe, (the bow mark). Their vices get destroyed.


Those who meditate on Gopad (the foot print of the holy cow) get relieved from the world.


Vyoma (the space) mark indicates the space Aakash. It makes one penetrate through all obstructions on one's way to the Lord.


The Ardha-chandra (half moon) mark symbolizes for the devotee the smoothing effect of the moon , when it is meditated upon.



Those who have meditated upon the Kalash (kumbh, the holy pot) need not make any special effort for their liberation, they are asssured of salvation.

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