Lord Purushottum Swaminarayan graced this earth on the 9 th day of the month Chaitra sud of samvat 1837, (2nd April 1781AD). Dharmadev (Hariprasad) and Bhaktimata (Premvati) were blessed with a son at the time of 10:10pm. Great festivity at the home Dharmadev followed as the heavenly drums began to beat, the Indras shouted victory from the heavens as it rained flowers. A divine aura had gripped the whole village, with the atmosphere charged with delight and enthusiasm all around. The skies became clear and the light of the stars illuminated the skies above. The fragrant cool breezes began to blow at the time. The Asurs(demons) were immediately fear struck by the phenomena as they plagued to eliminate the creator of this pleasure. Shri Hari's manifestation had changed the town of Chappaiya . Dharmadev had Brahmins perform a ritual birth ceremony of his son on that very night. His loving mother called the young child Ghanshyam. 

The Evil forces were sent by their chief Kalidutt to eliminate the newborn child. As early as the 6th day evils had come to eliminate the child but the power and the divine aura of the child left them defeated and frustrated in their attempts. History as shown that as a divine soul descends to earth, evil forces will attempt to eradicate such souls. The fate experienced by Shree Krishna. 

At the age of 3 months and 11 days Markhandya Rushi a master of astrology performed the naming ceremony of shree Ghanshyam. The rushi observed the birth chart of the child and the 16 symbols found on his feet and gave him four names:

  • Hari- He will destroy the miseries and worries of all.
  • Krishna- Birth on the month of Chaitra and his bodily outlook was slightly darkish which proposed instant attraction to him.
  • HariKrishna- By combining the names ’Hari’ and ’ Krishna’ the name ’HariKrishna’ was a beautiful name.
  • Nilkanth- He will be a great like Lord Shivji with tyagg, knowledge (Gnan), penance (tap), dharma and Yoga therefore he shall be known as Nilkanth.

The rushi told Dharmadev that “Your son will be the controller of millions and will destroy miseries of those he meets. His name will be known throughout the land”. 

He added that he would have many more names in accordance with his qualities and work. 

At the age of five months Ghanshyam had learnt to sit on thefloor in padmassan. By the time he was six months he began to eat solid foods and at the age of seven months Ghanshyam had his ears pierced. Whilst piercing his ear the piercing expert noticed a bright light radiating from Ghanshyam’s ear as he attempted to insert the needle. 

At the age of three Ghanshyam had his first haircut. On that very day Kalidutt the demon chief himself had come to kill Ghanshyam but the young child recoiled his attempts with his power, from which Kalidutt died by collidingwith the trunk of a tree trunk. This incident then troubled Dharmadev- tired of the sinful deeds. He then decided to leave the village and take residence in the town of Ayodhaya. 

At the age of Five Ghanshyam was taught how to write the alphbet and then began to put simple words together. Dharamadev and Bhaktimata were then blessed with their third child Ichcharam. 

Dharmadev had studied the Vedas, Puranas and other scriptures and the knowledge he possessed he taught young Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam lived his life according that of a Naishtikha Brahmcharia and was a great devout. He woke before sunrise and went to bathe in the river sarayu to take a holy bath. He worshipped God and now was well versed in the Vedas, Puranas, Ittihasas and Dharmashashtras. 

At the age of 11 Bhaktidevi had a fever and had lost all vigor Ghanshyam served her to his abilities, in unison giving her the knowledge of dharma, bhakti, gnan and vairagya. He gave his mother the divine body and released her from the curse of Durvaasa. 

Consequently due to the departure of Bhaktidevi, Dharmadev lost interest in worldly affairs and spent most of his time in devotion to God. A few months later Ghanshyam led his father into the state of samadhi in which Shree Krishna graced his presence. Dharmadev tried to embrace the image, but it faded instantly. Instead he saw the image of Ghanshyam before him. Ghanshyam had shown his father his true identity of Purshottum Narayan. He then released his father from the curse of Durvaasa and gave him a divine body to be free from his body 

Ghanshyam was then under the care of his elder brother Rampratapbhai and Suvvasini Bhabi. His duties to his parents were now over as he turned his attention towards renunciation, pilgrimage, religious places and to uproot evils. On ashadh Sud 10 samvat 1849 (29th June 1792) Ghanshyam left home in the early hours of the morning and proceeded towards the river Sarayu to begin his journey. At the age of 11years three months and one day Ghanshyam left his home in Ayodhya and began Van Vicheran (pilgrimage). 

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