Nilkanth Varni met Ramanand Swami finally on 12 day of jehta sud samvat 1856 at the village of Piplana. On meeting him they embraced one another as if they were long lost friends and at that time Ramannd swami recognised the godliness like character of Nilkanth who stood before him. Nilkanth Varni then begun to explain to Ramanand swami about his childhood, his parents and of his journeys during van vicheran. Ramand swami found that the young soul stood before him was the son of Dharmadev and Bhaktidevi who he himself had given Diksha to. Like this they carried on the conversation for many hours on doing so Ramanand swami realised that the young Nilkanth was no ordinary being but had characteristics of someone beyond this world. Nilkanth Varni remained with Ramanand swami accepting the great saint (founder of the sanatan dharma) as his guru and therefore served him in spreading and strengthening satsang. 

After serving him for many months on kartik sud 11 (Prabodhini Ekadashi) samvat 1857 (28th October 1800) Ramanand Swami felt that Nilkanth Varni was more then creditable of becoming a saint of the Uddhav sampraday and therefore on this day was given Bhagwati Diksha (Initiation to becoming a tyagi). It was a very auspicious day where many thousands were attracted and was celebrated with great happiness (anand) in the town of Piplana. On this day as apart of the diksha he was given the names Narayan Muni and Sahajanad Swami by his guru. 

As they travelled in spreading the uddhav sampraday they both grew to be very close in that Sahajannd was now said to be the leading shishya (Student) of Ramanand swami, in that Sahajand swami would be requested to do kathas wherever they went by his guru. Duration of time had passed since the diksha of Sahajanand Swami, in which Ramanand swami became astonished by the characteristics which his shishya possessed. Sahajand Swami exhibited overflowing compassion, was calm, had a charming personality and he brought happiness (anand) wherever he went. He was well versed in the vedic scriptures and his knowledge and understanding of dharma, bhakti, vairagya was exceptional. He showed a deep detachment from worldly relations and displayed a light of warmth. Ramanand swami had now realised that sahjand swami was no ordinary saint, a thought which had occurred to him from the first time they met. He believed him to be Bhagwan Purushotum Narayan the Avtaari of all Avtaars. 

Then one day Ramanand Swami assembled a small gathering of the main saints and devotees and pleaded to Sahajand Swami that your superior qualities and knowledge of shashtras as well as your leadership qualities suggest that you and only you are worthy of accepting the position of Acharya(guru) of this sampraday. He added that he must guide the uddhuv sampraday. Maintain Dharma as outlined in the Vasudev Mahatmya and method of Bhakti as Vitthalnathji has described. 

On hearing this Sahjanand questioned that “I am a tyagi (sant-sadhu) and have refrained from worldly pleasures as apart of my Dharma yet you ask me to become Acharaya of the gadi. Many great rushis have fallen by the effect of money and women and worldly pleasures and by becoming the acharya how would one avoid from straying from the path of Moksha.” 

Ramanand Swami smiled and replied “I understand your concerns, however Narayan Muni! You are no human. You are no ordinary being; you are Purushottum Narayan – avtaari of avatars. You are beyond the influential force of Maya (attachment), you are the greatest power of all the ultimate creator and controller of all. So aceptthis throne and give darshan and pleasure to all you devotees”

On the day of Kartik sud 11 (again Prabodhoni Ekadashi) samcat 1858 (AD 1801) Ramanand Swami called on all his followers and explained that “Sahjanand Swami will now be your guru and that you are to serve him whole heartedly obeying his every instruction. He is Parbhram Purushottum Narayan and there is no doubt of that so you must live under his guidance.” Cheers of joy were uprooted from the devotees as they began to understand the very unique person that stood before them; Bhagwan. Tha Gadi Abhishek (the ceremony of installing the new leader) was then performed in the presecnce of great Bhramins and the devotees. 

Ramanand Swami was overjoyed with the occasion and braced Sahajanand swami, as he did he thought to him self my work here is done there is no need for me to remain on earth any longer. 

Sahajanad Swami now the acharya of the Uddhav sampraday meant that it was no time for Ramanand swami to become free of Duravaasa Rushi’s Shaap and return to the heavenly abode of Akshardham. So on vikram samvat 1858 maghar sud 13 in the town of Fennai as Ramaanad swami sat in Padmassan (mode of meditation) with His concentration fixed on the divine image of Sahajanand he entered the state of Samadhi. From which he left his human body to return to Akshardham just 2 months after the Gadi Abhishek. Deep sorrow throughout all his devotees followed as their guru who showed them Bhagvan Purushottum was no longer present on this earth. 

Heading the satsang Sahajanand swami encouraged and showed thousands more to seek the true sanatan dharma of the Uddhav sampraday with his words of wisdom from the scriptures. He demonstrated divine power to the people as he travelled throughout Gujarat uprooting the evils that had tarnished society and installing the tenets of Dharma, Bhakti, Gnan and Vairagyain to the heart of the people. His presence throughout the regions was touching in that the people realising his divine greatness would become his disciples. Many great Pandits would challenge him in the hope of defeating hi. However, realising his great powers would fall to his feet taking darshan of him and requesting forgiveness. Shriji maharaj would use a method of Ekesharvad (trance) too show devotees of all faiths that he is the lord supreme Bhagvan, as the followers saw their deities transcend in to the image of Sajanand. Sahajanand by his divine powers dispelled the darkness of ignorance and established the Ekantik dharma. 

He introduced the maha-mantra Swaminarayan during a grand sabha, where people would recite Swaminarayan and fall into the state of Samadhi, after awakening would realise that Sahajanand is Lord Swaminaryan. By merely reciting the mantra Swaminarayan people were sent in the state of Samadhi a process which rishis have been trying to achieve throughout their lives. People began to realise that Swaminarayan was the almighty supreme lord and he was present in front of them as Sahajanand. 

The Swaminarayan Sampraday (Uddhav) began expanding at a rapid pace. The miracles of Samadhi never stopped to amaze people as thousands came to experience the divine power of pratakshya (present on earth) Swaminarayan bhagvan. 

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