It is written that at times, when the world's situation falls into an inhumane and unearthly state then the Lord Supreme will manifest himself on this earth to the prayers of humanity and will banish evil. In the Dwapar Yuga the Lord Ram incarnation descended and in Tretayug Lord Shree Krshna manifested. In Kaliyuga, however, the original form of Lord Supreme manifested Himself completely as the very God that resides in the heavens and He was the supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan. "Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, Oh descendant of Bharata! and a predominant rise of irreligion, at that time I descend Myself"

Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta

"I also assume other bodies to protect religion and to end irreligion whenever it flourishes in the course of time" Shreemad Bhagwadam "In Satyuga Dattatrey, in Tretayuga Rama, in Dwaaparyuga Vasudev Krishna and in Kaliyuga He will be Dharma's son Swaminarayan"

Bhramand Puran

"When the asuras who were killed by Myself and Arjuna begin to spread wickedness on earth, I will be born in a Bhramin family to Dharmadev and Murti as Nar Narayan. I, with many other rishis, will receive a shaap (curse) from a Muni to come on the earth to a Samved Bhramin family to protect the religion from evil gurus and rulers"

Skandh Puran, Vasudev Mahatmay

"When wickedness spreads among the people, then God Himself by the name of Swaminarayan, will emancipate people from mud-like sins"

Padma Puran

"I, by the name of Sahajanand Swami, shall manifest on the earth and give Vaikunhta (Akshardham) to all"

Vishvakasen Samhita

"He will be born in the pure Dharma dynasty, whose mere name destroys sins, to the Bhramin named Hariprasad and will be known as Swaminarayan"

Vishnu Dharmottar Puran

At the time of the 18th century many people in the world were suffering from darkness, faith in God was at a low and dharma (virtues), bhakti (devotion), gnaan (spiritual wisdom), and vairagya (detachment) were vanishing from human life at an increasing rate. False beliefs and social inequalities were widespread and human life was lived amongst and upon many ills like theft, intoxication, meat eating and adultery. Sacrifices of innocent lives and evil social practices were also prevalent in the divine land of Bharat Khand . Kaliyug had taken this world in its clutches and sinfulness reigned supreme on this Earth. 

Since Brahma was first created to this universe, he has prayed to the lotus feet of Lord Purushottam Narayan in Akshardham for Him to take form on this earth as Himself and establish Ekantik Dharma. 

After 1.552 trillion earth years the merciful God of all beings and Lord Supreme Shree Swaminarayan created a medium to be incarnated on this earth. 

The great rushis and sages of Bharat Khand had arrived at Badrikashram (the spiritual abode of Lord Nar Narayan in the Himalayas ) for the divine sighting (darshan) of Lord who resided as the dual-form of Lord Nar Narayan. At Badrikashram also present were Uddhavaji, Dharmadev and one of his wives Bhaktidevi. 

Uddhavaji was Shree Krshna's cousin and closest follower and was the very person whom Shree Krishna imparted all of His knowledge to before He left this earth. Bhaktidevi and Dharmadev were the parents of Lord Nar Narayan. The rishis and munis complained to Nar Narayan Dev, the Lord of Bharat Khand, of the appalling effect Kaliyuga was having on the once heaven-like land of Bharat Khand and prayed for the Lord to once again restore dharma and remove wickedness from the holy land. 

At this meeting, the Lord telepathically summoned Durvasa Rushi to Badrikashram. When Durvasa arrived, he stood waiting for someone from the assembly to welcome him. However, as the gathering was completely engrossed in Lord Nar Narayan, no-realised that the great Rushi Durvasa was standing behind them and was furiously growing with impatience. Durvasa Rushi could no longer bear the insult and so overwhelmed with anger he cursed the entire assembly of Badrikashram that they will all take birth on earth and suffer the very evil they complained of. 

The assembly was caught with complete shock and fell to Rushi Durvasa's feet for forgiveness. Dharmadev pleaded to Durvasa to calm down and reverse his curse, for their failure to welcome Durvasa was completely unintentional. 

The now calm Durvasa Rushi told Dharmadev that the current state of Bharat Khand, his arrival to Badrikashram and the subsequent curse were no coincident for all this occurred by the wish of Lord Nar Narayan. Included in the curse, is Lord Nar Narayan who will manifest as son of Dharmadev and Bhaktidevi, and will relieve all the victims of this curse from their sufferings.

And so, God had created a medium for Himself to be incarnated on earth in His own human form to establish the Ekantik Dharma. - the spreading of the true religion and knowledge granted ultimate salvation to all his devotee followers. 

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