Muktanand Swami was born in the village of Amrapur in the Amreli district of Gujarat on Posh Sud-7th of Vikram Samvat year 1814. His father's name was Anandram and mother's name was Radhabai. Mukunddas was quite different than other kids of his age. He would meditate While other kids indulged in sports. He was more intelligent spiritually wise and learnt and mastered Vedas, scriptures and music from two teachers. 

Mukunddas was austere at a very young age. His parents knew was a different kid by seeing his lifestyle and will not live with them in the quest of God. They got him married at a very young age in the hope that a married life will keep him in the family. But that was not to happen, Mukunddas left home in search for a true Guru as his desire to find God was emphatic. He searched from places to places until he met Dwarkadas who resides in Dhrangadhra and he was not happy of being there, so he went to Kalyandas of Vankaner. Kalyandas could not teach him what he wanted from Guru he was searching for. From there he went to Tulsidas of Sardhar and Tulsidas made him a Mahant of his Ashram. 

Mukunddas attended Ramanand Swami's discourses for the first time in Sardhar. Seeing Ramanand Swami he immediately knew that Ramanand Swami was the Guru who would lead him to God. He asked Ramanand Swami to have him as his disciple. Ramanand Swami asked him to get permission from Tulsidas. Tulsidas would not let him go easily as he was very important to him so Mukundas decided on a plan that will ensure that he was allowed to leave. He decided to give away everything that was in the Ashram. Ashram stores began to empty and other sadhus told Tulsidas about what was happening. Tulsidas finally gave permission to Mukunddas to leave. Mukunddas said that he would leave but asked him to give it to him in writing stating that he had permission to leave. Tulsidas wrote letter and gave that to Mukundas and He took this letter to Ramanand Swami then initiated him as his disciple and named him Muktanand on Vasant Panchmi V. S. 1842. 

Ramanand Swami commanded Muktanand Swami to go to Bhuj to lear sanskrit. He was leaving in small room and there was Piple tree in the courtyard. On that tree, there were ghosts who were residing on that tree and he sent them to Badrikashram. He came to Loj where there was Ashram of Ramanand Swami and Muktannad Swami was the leader of all Sadhus that were leaving in that Ashram. While Nilkanth Varni came to Log while on his Pilgrimage, Sukhanand Met Nilkanth Varni and asked him to come to the Ashram. Muktanand Swami was drawn by the divine aura of Neelkanth Varni and even Neelkanth Varni felt great respect for Muktanand Swami as Muktanand Swami answered his questions on Jeev, Ishwar, Maya, Brahman and Parbrahman. Nilkanth Brahmchari stayed at the hermitage of Loj. Ramanand Swami in Bhuj during those days knew of this through the correspondence and advised Muktanand Swami to ask Nilkanth Varni to stay and wait for him at Loj. As per the orders from Ramanand Swami Nilkant Varni waited in Loj for Guru Ramanand. Muktanand Swami used call Nalikanth Varni 'Sarjudas' Since he had started from Ayodya via Sarayu river. 

Muktanand Swami was doing Ramayan Katha at the home of Jivraj Seth. Nilkanth Varni was invited to go there and he saw men and women both used to listen to him with great interest and involvement and they used to sit together in any such assembly, Nilkanth Varni expressed his displeasure. He did not enter the sabha and later he told Muktanand Swami that this practice of men and women sitting together must stop. Men will have to sit in the front and women behind so the sadhus do not see the faces of women. Muktanand Swami agreed with Nilkanth Varni about his thoughts and closed interactive window between hermitage and neighbour where exchange of food and fire used happened which Nilkanth Varni didn't like about this. 

Muktanand Swami once painted his Tumbadi (a water container) and left it to dry in the courtyard and began to meditate. However, the thought that some animal may damage So, his mind was not fully concentrated on meditation. Sarjudas read Muktanads' thoughts and He told Muktanand Swami that his Tumbadi was worthless in comparison to God. Muktanand Swami got the message and realised that Nilkanth Varni was an exceptional person. He wrote a letter to Ramanand Swami and made Nilkanth Varni write one too. Ramanand Swami replied to Muktanand Swami and mentioned not to let Nilkanth Varni go and gain maximum benefits from him. Nilkanth Varni was given the ‘Gadi’ from Ramanand Swami and Muktanand Swami accepted this decision graciously. He served Lord Swaminarayan throughout his life. 

Muktanand Swami had learned from Yoga Shastras and knew that achieving a state of Samadhi was very difficult. He started doubting Sahajanand Swami as he could easily put anyone into Samadhi. He thought that this activity of Swaminarayan Bhagavan was a charade. Muktanand Swami once examined Santadas, who had gone into Samadhi. He checked his pulse and with the knowledge he had, he finally accepted that it was true. 

Once he went to the jungle to do 'Sauchvidhi' and Ramanand Swami gave him darshan and reminded him of the statement he had made earlier that he was just a drum player and the main perfomer is yet to come. Ramanand told Muktanand that this Narayan muni was the Purushotam Narayan and that he should serve him without any doubt. All doubts that Muktanand Swami had those were disappeared from his thoughts and he then wrote the Aarti 'jai sadguru swami' and did the pooja of Swaminarayan Bhagwan. 

Muktanand Swami took good care of all sadhus and satsangis. Muktanand Swami had a sister called Dhanbai. Early on she had tried to convince Mukundas to return home but eventually she also accepted the path of Bhakti. She came to Gadhapur once and was preaching Ramayan to other women. Muktanand remembered this voice and was troubled by the early memories. When he found out that it was her sister he ordered that she be asked to leave. Dhanbai in turn did not want to leave but wanted preaching from Muktanand. He did agree but said that he would not do it face to face but wrote a four-verse song 'Mohan ne gamavane eechho manni, tyago serve juthi manani tek jo' 

He wrote many songs describing the charitras of Sahanjanand Swami. He wrote the Shastras such as Panchratna, Vivekchintamani, Uddhav Geeta, Satsangshiromani, Satigeeta, Kapilgeeta, Narayangeeta etc. Bhagwan had told Muktanand Swami that in his lifetime he should write all the charitras that he had done in places. He continued to do this until Muktanand Swami suffered from TB and could not eat anything that was sweet, sour or oily. Gopalanand Swami gave him the permission to stop writing. The next day, Ashadh Vad Ekadashi in VS 1886 Lord Swaminarayan took Muktanand Swami to Akshardham from Gadhapur. 

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