This is another form of Bhakti towards the Lord. It is performed by going around Shree Hari in a clockwise direction. 

It is first important to realise why it is done. First of all it is to show that He is the centre of attraction. Everything we do in our life is revolved around God- He is at the centre of everything we do. Just as the planets orbit the Sun as it is the gravitational attraction and the source of all energy, we orbit the source of absolute energy who we rely on for everything- Shreeji Maharaj. 

We have been troubled by the cycle of life and death and want to break free from it. Performing pradakshina symbolises our desire to break free from that cycle and join in the service of Bhagwan. 

In the feet of Shree Hari lie all the tirthas (holy places), including the adasath teerath (sixty-eight major holy places). Muktanand Swami says in Jay Sadguru Swami that “adasath teerath charane, koti Gaaya Kaashi…” –in Sahajanand Swami’s feet there are all of the sixty eight major tirthas and His feet are equivalent to ‘koti’- many many, Gaayas and Kaashis. So if we are doing pradakshina of Sahajanand Swami, we are effectively doing yaatra (pilgrimage) of countless tirthas. 

Perhaps the most literal reason for performing pradakshina is to have the opportunity of doing darshan on Bhagwan from all angles. Pradakshina literally means ‘to look at from all directions’ so whilst performing pradakshina we are experiencing darshan of Shreeji Maharaj from all directions. 

Bhagwan is circulated in a clockwise direction so that He is always on our right. According to the scriptures, the right side is the position of the master and the left side is the spot for the daasas (servants). This is probably why we see Radhikaji on the left side of Shree Krshna and Lakshmiji on the left side of Shree Narayan. A clockwise direction is maintained so that we remain on the side of the daas and Bhagwan is always in the position of the master. 

Pradakshina is not very easy to perform for merely walking around Bhagwan is not pradakshina. Pradakshina is performed when the entire body and the mind is fixated on the centre of attraction- Bhagwan. The concentration should be on the Lord’s image not on anything else. The mouth should be uttering mantras such as ‘Swaminarayan’, not talking to others. The eyes should be fixed on Bhagwan - not on futile surroundings. The hands should be either performing Maala or be joined in pranaam to Shree Hari. If this is not done, then it is not pradakshina- but an insult to the greatness of Shreeji Maharaj.

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