The Lords objective on the earth was to show his devotees the path to achieving aatvantik Kalyaan (Moksha)- redemption from the cycle of life and death. Swaminarayan Bhagwan adopted three resolutions to set the foundations of the sampraday (sect), which are Temples , Acharaya and Scriptures. His divine deeds propagation of the Scriptures as a means of providing knowledge and a base of the sampradhaya, it therefore forms a fundamental aspect of Bhagwans life on earth. Scriptures not only enlighten the history of God but they also illuminate the path to progress. They give the identity of religion or a sampradhaya and provide a guide for devotees.

Scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampradhay:

  • Shikshapatri
  • Vachnamrut
  • Bhaktachintamani
  • Haridigvijay
  • Gita Bhashya
  • Satsangi Bhushan
  • Satsangi Jeevan
  • Hari Krishna Lilamrut
  • Shri Hari Charitra
  • HariLila Kalpataru
  • Harilila Mrut


Lord Shree Swaminarayan wrote the Shikshapatri on vasant panchami maha sud 5 samvat 1882 (26th February 1826A.D.). Shreeji maharaj created this very universe of knowledge in the Shikshapatri after extracting the values of the Vedas. The Shikshapatri constructs of 212 shlokas providing followers the guidance for living a happy, healthy life leading to Moksha. It provides guidance for the achievement of the four virtues Dharma Artha Karma and Moksha and its few words instructs the devotees on duties, worship, devotion and knowledge. 

In the Shikshapatri the lord has described the behaviour of an ideal human life, with regards to thought, speech and behaviour along with morality, ha has given guidance for the daily rites and the behaviour of families in society. An implicit observance of the precepts would bring complete harmony in life. 

In the 212 precepts Swaminarayan Bhagwan has comprehensively covered the duties of householders, brahmacharis, sadhus, women, widows, acharaya and their wives.

Satsangi Jeevan

This divine scripture compromises almighty Gods incarnation, that illustrates the life of Lord Swaminarayan from his arrival until departure. His humane and divine deeds, perseverance, knowledge, renunciation, dedicated devotion, instructions, worship, the means of ultimate salvation (moksha), obstacles on the path achieving salvation, remedies to remove them, the oneness of the soul and the super soul. All these aspects are covered in this scripture inspiring life in to the lives of devotees. 

Shatanand swami documented the Satsangi Jivan under the inspiration of shriji maharaj. Shatanand swami being under the state of samadhi, Shriji Maharaj instilled the awareness of the past, present and future. 

The scripture is compromised of 360 chapters and 19387 shlokas. Giving guidelines about spiritual progress along with the divine deeds of the lord. It was also authenticated by Bhagwan himself.


Is the nectar of all spiritual and philosophical knowledge. This shastra contains the divine speech of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. A man becomes immortal after he sips ’Amrita’ of the gods. In the same way by holding these words of nectar in ones heart it's said that the person achieves a state of enlightenment and immortality in Akshardham. 

The Vachanamrut is composed of the devoted speech of the almighty Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan himself. It was compiled and edited by the saintly glory in the presence of the Lord at the time shriji maharaj delivered discussions on Dharma, Bhakti (devotion), Gnan (knowledge) and Vairagya (absolute detachment). The volume extracts the essence of the Vedas, Puranas and scriptures. Including the ocean of knowledge imparted by the almighty Lord Swaminarayan. 

The vachanmrut is a scripture that enables the devotees of lord swaminarayan to gain true knowledge of how to conjure bad vices as will provide a way of understanding the true characteristics of the lord. It illustrates methods and divine knowledge on how to achieve salvation to the abode of the supreme lord Swaminarayan in Akshardham. 

The Vachanamruts are thousands in numbers but only 273 have been selected for inclusion. Each Vachanamrut provides a valuable discussion on a variety of areas. They give wise words on universal truths, providing guidance and principles in many areas of life. Areas covered include

  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Detachment
  • Self-realisation
  • Knowledge of the Greatness and Glory of Devotion
  • Words of wisdom

Shreeji Maharaj has praised the following eight shastras, although they did not originate from the Swaminarayn Sampradhay Shree Hari has mentioned them in the Shikshapatri (93-95), as being genuine and that there teachings should be studied and preached

  • The Four Vedas
  • Vyas Shastra
  • Shrimad Bhagvat
  • Vishnu Sahastranam from Mahabharat
  • Shri Bhagvat Gita
  • Vidurneeti
  • Shri Vasudeva Mahatmaya
  • Yagnavalkya Smriti

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