Job Ref: SKSS-03-2018 

Wage: £7.83/Hour 

Hours: 5.5 Hours /day, over 7 Days (20 Days Holidays) 

Location: Plumstead, London 

Duration: Permanent 

Date posted: 23 March 2018 

Closing date: 23 April 2018 

An opportunity has now come up for a pujari religious worker. 
Applicants must be male only and be of Hindu religion due to religious requirements. Applicant should be able to read Swaminarayan Scriptures with the relevant raags and be literate In Gujarati and/or Sanskrit. 
Ideally the candidate should have carried out this role previously in a Swaminarayan Temple. 
Duties involve performing the morning waking up of the deities, preparation and performing Aarti, preparation and performing of the Deities Thaal (food offering) and reading religious scriptures. 
This vacancy is exempt from the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (SDA) SDA ref. S7(2)(e). The vacancy is also exempt from the Race Relations Act (RRA) due to religious requirements. 
As a condition of your employment you will be required to reside in the temple premises where adequate accommodation exists. A charge for rent and other charges for the use of utilities will be deducted from your wages. All reasonable maintenance (food, clothing and other such disbursements) will be provided by the temple. 

How to apply 
For further details please contact Mr. Virji Bhudia on 07880744378. Please send your CV and references to info@sksswoolwich.org or by post to the address below. 

Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple South East London, St Margaret's Grove, Plumstead. London, SE18 7RL 

Additional information  
The employer has claimed an exception under the Race Relations Act. The employer has also claimed an exemption under the Employment Equality regulations with regards to Religion or Belief due to strict religious requirements. This vacancy meets the requirements of the National Minimum Wage Act.

Please note, no application will be accepted after the 23 April 2018.

Posted on November 6th, 2018 by Admin

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